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Currently on exhibition at Gorilla Foods

Down town Vancouver this May

on Richards beween Hastings and Pender

Raw, vegan, organic cuisine to open your mind and soul




water seed begining

~ Water Seed ~

It all begins here






water drop singularity

~ The drop ~







~ Illuminated Waterfall Zone ~

~ Meditation Rock ~

illuminated waterfall






~ Spout ~

as it gathers it flows





bubble cove

~ Bubble Cove ~

Pools of prisine water innocence





crystal pond

~ Crystal Pond ~

clear waters purify






crystal root river

~ Crystal Root River ~

water nutures the forest






river comic

~ River Comic ~

laughing and playing through the forest






Roberts Creek falls

~ Roberts Creek Falls ~

salmon spawing beds of gravel






Log role rapids

~ Log role rapids ~

cascading falling tumbling down






Green Dragon River

~ Green Dragon River ~

but the spirit has been awakened






Curtain Falls

~ Curtain Falls ~

under the play of the Axe

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Story Book River

~ Story Book River ~

No longer the fantasy tale






Rubber Root

~ Rubber Root ~

Stretched too tight things break





Muddy River

~ Muddy River ~

Thick waters flow heavy






Fire Rapids

~ Fire Rapids ~

Things start to go faster






Water Preserves

~ Water Preserves ~

As we burn our mother





Consumption Creek

~ Consumption Creek ~

Out of control

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Chapman Creek Eddy

~ Chapman Creek Eddy ~

Fire in the river






Chapman Creek Demise

~ Chapman Creek Demise ~

What we are cuurently doing to our watershed

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Defilement Purity

~ Defilement Purity ~

the absurdity of our actions realized

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River Mouth

~ River Mouth ~

Autumn sunset river's end






A series of paintings celebrating and scrutinizing our water sources.

Hopefully inspiring further investigation and networking of people concerned with our

water quality, availability, and quantity. Inspired by Chapman Creek Clear Cuts. It is this show's greatest potential

to catalyse a movement to protect this valuable resource and to preserve it for generations.

 Moss ears says, "Heathy forests are essential for clean water."

Personal knowledge

Awareness locally

Action globally

Drink Forever Deeply.




To view the same site with explanations of the art.

Including prices

Prints available for purchase

Artist available for commission

30% of sales go to the Chapman Creek Watershed Protection Fund

Currently looking to book a tandem show in Nelson, group show in Vancouver, large group show Victoria,

No further dates or locations set yet.


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Contact Cody at 604-741-1865


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Sierra Club   Sunshine Coast Conservation Association    Chapman Creek Watershed